Club Star 2021

Club Star kennel 2021

Rubin Rose I Was Born To Love You ”Will”
Club Star 2021

Roxanne Rubin Rose “Franie”
Junior Club Star 2021

Born To Twinkle Dare To Be “Maisie”
Club Star 2021

Rubin Rose Miss Merrie Melody
Club Star 2021 – Veteran Club Star 2021 – International Champion

We were on many-many dogshows in 2021 and we had great successes, but the thing I am the most proud of is our dogs behaviour in the warmest summer or when they were so tired. They did their “job” perfectly, now all of us need a longer break from the show world as an owner/breeder/handler.

I must have to say thank you to all who made this possible. I am more than thankful to you!
…to Balázs, because he did the most for this year!!! All the photos, all the time, all the work, all the patience (what is now over, I know), all the carrying, all the driving, and I could continue for hours…
…to my Parents for the base in their house!
….to Éva & Balázs for all what they did with Will and Franie.
…to our amazing groomers: Erika, Dorka & Dávid
…to the helping handlers: Márti, Meli, Lukas & Virág.
…and of course to the judges who appreciated our dogs so high.

Rubin Rose Miss Merrie Melody "Cathy"